Lighttower 4 x 350W - Details

Lighttower 4 x 350W

Alternator: Linz
Engine: Hatz

4 x 350W

Performance data

Rated Frequency: 50 Rated Voltage: 230 Rated Power (PRP): 2.7 Operating Temperature (min./max.): -8/40 Maximum Sound Power Level (Lw): 88


Model: 1 B 50 Speed: 1500 Rated Net Output (PRP): 3.5 Coolant: air Number of Cylinders: 1


Model: E1C13S Rated Output: 5.5 Insulation (stator & rotor)/Enclosure Protection: H/21


Fuel Tank Capacity: 140 Fuel Consumption, Lamps On: 0.5 Fuel Autonomy, Lamps On: 260


4 x LED: 4 x 350 Luminous flux: 154,000 (4 x 38,500)

Hydraulic mast

Rotation: 340 Maximum Height: 8 Maximum : 80


Fully Deployed Length: 1160 Fully Deployed Width: 1160 Fully Deployed Height: 8000 Transport Mode Length: 1160 Transport Mode Width: 1160 Transport Mode Height: 2570 Weight: 970

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