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The beating heart of our economy, industry, must be assured that it can keep on running its processes without issue. Power Solutions will gladly assist in this and is your perfect and reliable partner. Globally, our generators help keep both large and small systems running flawlessly.

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Power Solutions will be at your site with knowledge and technology! Sites often depend on power to work under safe conditions without interruptions. Our power generators are the best guarantee to have all your activities be performed without wasteful delays.

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The show must go on and this is where Power Solutions is best placed to assist you. At events, the public must be able to relax without a care in the world and enjoy themselves. That is why Power Solutions' generators ensure in complete silence that everything that needs to run continues to do so.

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Offshore, equipment must simply be reliable during the entire journey. Power Solutions is simply your best partner to ensure this. You will find our generators on all world seas on-board of ocean giants and they will guarantee your power during the long crossing. Power Solutions is present onshore in all world ports to offer support.

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International projects

Power Solutions has become a significant player in the global energy market. We can support multimegawatt projects temporarily everywhere in the world with our international entities. A tailored-made proposal will be worked out for every project.

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