Power of POWER?

The rental fleet of Power Solutions consists of diesel-driven generators in a range from 30 to 1250 kVA. Thanks to the integrated synchronisation modules, our generators can be easily connected so that we can build up an endless power supply.

A temporary project: just perfect for us!

The Power Solutions generators have been especially designed and built to be deployed for temporary projects. They have a robust enclosure, are easy to transport and have also been designed in such a way that they can supply the required electrical power for different goals. Our generators are, moreover, equipped with the required safety and anti-theft facilities.

Accessories for all your needs

If you need a temporary power supply for your project, we will provide a total solution. We therefore also supply power supply cables, switchboards, automatic conversion panels, external fuel tanks and all related accessories.



The diesel-driven generators have been especially designed for your temporary projects. We can supply all solutions with generators ranging from 30 kVA to 1250 kVA.

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Light towers

The Power Solutions mobile lampposts ensure that you never have to work in the dark any more. At events, construction sites, industrial sites, ... our lampposts can always be easily transported.

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Power Solutions always provides a turnkey solution. We also provide the required accessories. You will get a total solution for your project that covers all angles.

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Converting lost heat into usable energy is the ideal collaboration between Power Solutions and Triogen. Discover our options and your customized solution.

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