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You can find Power Solutions generators everywhere in the world in the beating heart of the economy. They ensure your systems continue to run without issue day in, day out.

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Power Solutions on site with knowledge and technology! Our power generators are the best guarantee to have all your activities be performed without wasteful delays.

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When people are enjoying themselves, this needs to happen worry-free and without risks. That is why Power Solutions ensures that everything that needs to run continues to do so in complete silence.

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Power Solutions power generators can be found on all world seas on-board of ocean giants. Our generators ensure that you have power during long crossings. We are present onshore in all world ports to offer support.

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International projects

Power Solutions is a significant player on the energy market and has committed entities that successfully support temporary multimegawatt projects all over the world.

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Power Solutions's UPSs

  • Temporary or extra power how and where you want it
  • Operational from perfectly equipped sites in Belgium and France
  • 24/7 interventions & service
  • A total solution for every project
  • Always advice from an expert
  • We can provide power up to 200 MW because of our extensive range of diesel and gas generators!

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The diesel-driven power generator range of Power Solutions comprises powers ranging from 33 kVA to 1250 kVA. We have already implemented many international power projects worldwide such as the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Pakistan, to cover the power need during Ramadan, Andes in Peru, etc. Extreme temperatures do not scare us off.

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