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 Standalone island

The generator is used to supply power to different applications without external connections in this application. Examples include:

  • Site cabinet
  • Crane
  • Distribution board
  • Taking over an existing system
  • Etc.

powersolutions island stand alone 02powersolutions-island-stand-alone-04


 Island synchronous - Power Management

If one generator is insufficient to achieve the required power, this application is applied. There are other situations when this can be a proposed solution, namely:

  • In case the main generator breaks down or needs to undergo maintenance, a standby generator is requested.
  • More power is needed during the day than at night. Work is performed, in this context, with different power ratings of generators.
  • To prevent an outage during a breakdown or maintenance round, a no-break system is requested, that is, a twin pack.
  • Setting up a system where automatically more or less generators run depending on the required power.
  • Etc.

powersolutions eiland synchroon 01powersolutions-eiland-synchroon-04


 Mains synchronous - Fixed power / Baseload

The generator is installed synchronously with the mains supply. The intention of this application is to inject fixed power into the customer's system. You use this when the mains supply is insufficient, a system has been expanded and when the transformer of the mains is too small.



 Mains synchronous – Load take over /
Auto-Mains-Failure (AMF)

Load take over

We transfer the requested power to one or more generators that have been installed synchronously in this application. This application can be used when a power outage must not occur when maintenance is being performed to a transformer. When the work has been completed, you can switch over to the mains supply without interruption.


It is also possible to install one or more generators synchronously on standby that will start when the mains power is out. An automatic back synchronisation is possible within this context without again having a power outage when the mains power is restored.

Additional material must be provided in the system for both modes.

powersolutions net synchroon load take over 01powersolutions-net-synchroon-load-take-over-04


 Auto-Mains-Failure (AMF) with back synchronisation on the mains switch

The standby generator that has been installed synchronously will start when the mains power is out. An automatic back synchronisation when the mains power has been restored is possible if the mains switch is motorised and can be operated remotely. This ensures that there is no interruption any more and the generator will again be in the standby mode.

powersolutions auto mains faiilure 01powersolutions-auto-mains-failure-02



If the system's consumption is higher than the available power, we apply peak shaving. A generator is connected synchronously so that it will supply the required power above a specific value that can be set so that the transformer of the mains is not overloaded. A number of additional things must, however, be installed to achieve this.


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