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Powerful solutions for temporary energy

Power Solutions, Belguim’s leading generator rental company, has a wide range of power generation solutions available. We can provide and operate turnkey installations from 30 kVA up to multi megawatt power plants worldwide at a wide variety of voltages.

Increase efficiency, save fuel & money

Triogen is passionate to develop and deploy innovative waste-heat recovery technology. We address the energy and environmental changes of our planet, while saving its customers money. The company is a leading ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) innovator and supplier.

Reliable  24/7 Reduced cost Green
Always able to deliver power Flexible service 24/7 all year Save up to 300 000 liter of fuel per year Make your power green by using ORC

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Diesel genset combined with ORC

The e-box is a perfect fi t for industries reliant on diesel powered generators. That’s where Power Solutions and Triogen are a perfect match.

Limited power availability should not be an obstacle for companies to embark on projects.That’s why Power Solutions provides a streamlined cost optimized energy solution suitable to the client’s exact requirements providing a 24/7 energy supply.

Turning heat into usable energy

While using technology that increases generator uptime, reduces the carbon footprint and increases energy effi ciency, there is still a lot of energy wasted by unused exhaust gas.

By combining the genset with the ORC, the exhaust gases will also be converted into usable green electricity. The power is put into the grid and reduces the load for the diesel gensets and the fuel consumption.

Based on a 24/7 capacity production of 180kW, a single e-box saves 300 000 liter of fuel per year.

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