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This website is managed by Power Solutions NV, with registered office in Blikstraat 2, 2110 Wijnegem, Belgium, with company registration number 0414.641.049. You can send all your questions and comments in connection with the website and this statement to the e-mail address:


About our privacy policy

POWER SOLUTIONS NV renders customised services. To enable us to do so, we wish to collect and use personal data. POWER SOLUTIONS NV is committed to protecting your privacy and personal data. This privacy statement applies to all services offered by POWER SOLUTIONS NV (hereafter referred to as the “Services”).


Are these terms and conditions subject to change?

POWER SOLUTIONS NV may change its privacy or cookie statement at any time whatsoever, for instance following changes to its services or to the applicable legislation. The adjusted terms and conditions will be published on the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV and apply as from the date of their publication. In the event of major changes, we will inform you personally and ask for your consent if needed.


Collecting personal data

Personal data communicated to you

POWER SOLUTIONS NV collects personal data to improve its services.  In this way, we can improve the alignment of our services to the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we can also establish contact with you when we have your personal data. If you establish contact with us through our website for making inquiries, you will be asked to complete an online form. When you do this, we will ask you to provide us a number of personal data such as your e-mail address, name and place of residence. These data are securely stored. We will also collect your personal data when you send us an e-mail.

Personal data through online services

We collect data about how you use the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV through both functional and analytical cookies, in particular through:

  • Log file data, such as IP-address, opened pages, number of clicks, date and time of your request, your browser, and so on. These data allow us to recognise you so that you do not need to input or upload the same information each time you visit our site and can provide us – through anonymous statistics – with a better understanding of the way in which, how often and for how long our web pages our visited.
  • Device data, such as IP-address, brand, type and operating system of your device, and so on. This gives us a rough indication of your location.

You can find more information about the use of cookies in our separate cookie statement.

Personal data through social media

Some cookies are used to integrate certain data regarding your conduct on social networking sites, such as likes for instance, in our website. This only concerns data that you publicly share on social networking sites and insofar as your personal settings on these social networking sites will allow. If you do not want to share such information, we recommend to adjust your settings on the social networking sites in question.


What do we use your personal data for?

For providing services

In general, we use the personal data for our customer and order management and for being able to render our Services. This entails, among others, customer administration, follow-up of orders and deliveries, invoicing, answering questions and marketing purposes. Processing takes place on the basis of the following categories of legal grounds:

  • Based on your consent;
  • Out of necessity for being able to execute an agreement;
  • Out of necessity for observing a legal obligation;
  • Out of necessity for defending our legitimate business interests.

We may, for instance, contact you in connection with your request for a quotation, to follow up your file or to collect your feedback on our services.

We use the personal data to understand which Services and which content of POWER SOLUTIONS NV are interesting and useful to the users of our website.

POWER SOLUTIONS NV can also use contact details to inform you about the latest news, new services, etc. We will only do this if you have given us your consent for this. You can also notify POWER SOLUTIONS NV if you no longer want us to contact you for this. This can be done through the unsubscribe link below every electronic communication or through the e-mail address:

Although you are never compelled to provide personal data, a refusal to communicate information that we need may obstruct the rendering of our services or even make this impossible.

To prevent misuse

We can also use data to prevent, detect and investigate illegal or presumed illegal practices such as fraud and to uphold our general terms of use, in the interest of both POWER SOLUTIONS NV and the users of our website.


Are your data transferred to third parties?

Unless you have given us your consent or if we are legally compelled to do so, we will not market your personal data to third parties. However, within the scope of a reorganisation, bankruptcy or transfer of activities, data that are part of our business activities may be transferred to third parties.


To render our services, we engage a number of independent companies or service providers, for instance for rendering infrastructure or IT services. It is possible that these companies will be given access to certain data and information. POWER SOLUTIONS NV will only allow this to the extent that this is necessary to allow these companies to perform their tasks and only insofar as they offer corresponding safeguards in terms of access to and the use of such data and information.

Personal data will only be transferred to a partner in a country outside the European Economic Area provided that the third country in question ensures an adequate level of protection for your personal data.

We cannot be held liable for any incorrect or unlawful use of personal data by a third party. Furthermore, you remain solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of your computer, IP-address, log-in and identification data.

Social media

The website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV includes social media "buttons" of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. These buttons allow you to share information on the respective platforms and are executed and managed by the relevant social networks themselves. POWER SOLUTIONS NV has no control over the applications of these respective companies and cannot be held responsible for these third parties. We recommend to consult the terms of use and privacy statements of these social networks. The present privacy statement only governs the use of data collected by POWER SOLUTIONS NV.


In certain circumstances, we may have to share your information with or pass them on to the competent authorities, for instance to comply with applicable legislation or pursuant to a court decision, to detect and deal with fraud or security issues or to protect the rights of POWER SOLUTIONS NV.


Management and, as the case may be, removal of your personal data

All persons of whom we retain personal data have the right to:

  • acquire access to their personal data;
  • have their personal data corrected or completed if these are incorrect or incomplete;
  • have their personal data removed;
  • restrict the allowed processing of their personal data;
  • object against the processing of their personal data for serious and legitimate reasons;
  • have their personal data transferred to another company.

To exercise the above-mentioned rights, you can contact POWER SOLUTIONS NV by using the contact details at the top of this document. When doing so, we kindly ask you to be as specific as possible to enable us to handle your request as specifically and correctly as possible. Please also note that we must be able to verify your identity when you exercise your rights so as to prevent someone else from exercising them.


Protecton of your personal data

POWER SOLUTIONS NV is committed to processing your personal data in a secure manner. To this purpose, we use a variety of security technologies and measures to properly protect your data against unauthorised access, use, loss or disclosure. Unfortunately, exchanging information through the internet is never 100% secure. Although we do everything reasonably possible to safeguard your data, we cannot guarantee this ourselves.


Retention period

Personal data are processed and retained by us for 7 years as is necessary for realising the pre-set purposes, according to our contractual relationship, to comply with legal requirements or within the scope of conventional retention mechanisms that are reasonably limited in time (back-ups).



Should you have comments or questions about our privacy policy, please let us know.

All persons whose personal data are kept by us are also entitled to file a complaint with the Commission for the Protection of Privacy (Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels,


Updates to this privacy statement

POWER SOLUTIONS NV will from time to time update this privacy statement following an alteration in its services, feedback from customers or changes in the applicable privacy legislation.


Cookie statement

By using our website, you consent to our cookie policy.

About our cookie policy

POWER SOLUTIONS NV considers it important that you can view and consult the material and content of its services at any place and at any time. POWER SOLUTIONS NV also wants to render interactive and customised services. We apply techniques on our online platforms to make this possible, for instance through the use of cookies and scripts. These techniques will hereafter be referred to as cookies. In this cookie statement, POWER SOLUTIONS NV wishes to inform you about which cookies are being used and why this is done. We will also explain to which extent you as a user of our website can control the use of cookies because we are committed to warrant both your privacy and the user-friendliness of our online services to the maximum extent possible.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. This cookie file contains a unique code that allows to recognise your browser when your visit our website or during later, recurrent visits without us giving access to your own personal data. Cookies facilitate and accelerate the interaction between visitor and website and help visitors to navigate through the different parts of a website or application. Cookies can also be used to make the content of a website or application more relevant to the specific visitor by adapting its content to the latter’s personal taste and needs.

Types of cookies

Necessary cookies

Necessary functional cookies are cookies that are necessary to be able using the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV in a proper manner. These cookies are, among others, used to: remember the information that you fill in or indicate on the different pages so that you don't need to enter or indicate all your data or preferences each time you visit the website; save optimal video rendering settings such as buffer size and screen resolution data; read out your browser settings so as to be able to display our website on your screen in the best possible way; ensure that the site remains accessible through an even load distribution; enable providing feedback to our websites. If you refuse these cookies, the website will not work optimally.

The website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV uses functional cookies supporting the operation of CMS (Joomla) in view of offering the best possible user experience. These cookies elapse immediately after each session or 1 day after your visit of the website at the latest.

Performance and analysis cookies

The website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV also uses performance and analysis cookies to gather general information on the way in which visitors use our website. The collected information can then be used for statistical analyses. These anonymous statistics give POWER SOLUTIONS NV insight in how often its web pages are visited, which pages are used the most, etc. This enables POWER SOLUTIONS NV to make the structure, navigation and content of its online services as user-friendly as possible and improve their general performance. This information is also used to report on the performances of the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV.

The website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV uses cookies from Google Analytics. These cookies elapse after two years. We refer in this regard to the cookie statement given by this party on its own website.

Social media cookies

Content on the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV can be shared on social media using the corresponding buttons. This may allow social media to install cookies through the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV and collect data in this way. We refer in this regard to the statements given by these parties on their own websites: Facebook, Google +/Youtube, LinkedIn, etc. Please note that these statements may change regularly.

Other cookies

This category includes cookies that cannot be assigned to the other categories of cookies, for instance cookies that can be enabled to make own web analyses and optimise sites. Apart from the above-mentioned performance analysis cookies, other web analysis cookies may be used as well. These can be disabled as they may include processing of identifiable personal data. This is not the case with the above-mentioned performance analysis cookies. The information gathered through these cookies can be used for conducting analyses. These statistics provide information on how often the web pages are visited, which pages are used the most, etc. This enables POWER SOLUTIONS NV to make the structure, navigation and content of its online services as user-friendly as possible.


Refusing or managing cookies

You can refuse or manage cookies on the website of POWER SOLUTIONS NV through your browser settings. You can also at any time remove already installed cookies from your computer or mobile device.

You can also set your browser such that cookies will always be refused. However, this may disturb the use of our website or even disable access to some of its functionalities.

On the following website, you can find instructions on how to refuse the most commonly used browsers: For more information per type of browser, we recommend to consult the cookie statements of: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

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